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Insurance coverage should be an integral part of every financial strategy. A clearly defined and professionally designed strategy enables your family to continue with the lifestyle you envision for them.

Jason provides you with overarching guidance in developing an insurance strategy.

Several types of insurance are particularly important to help ensure your and your family feel more secure.

Life insurance can provide help in these areas: 

  • Cover debts and taxes.
  • Equip your family to maintain its standard of living.
  • Understand your dependents’ goals and dreams.
  • Provide access to cash to cover expenses.

While life insurance can help safeguard your family’s future, you will still have to answer a few important questions.

  • What type of insurance is best for you?
  • How much insurance do you need?
  • How do you make the most of your money?

Long-term care insurance can help provide coverages for these expenses:

  • Nursing home.
  • Assisted living.
  • Adult day-care services.
  • Home care.
  • Home modifications.
  • Care coordination.

Disability insurance can help cover expenses for the following:

  • Total disability
  • Rehabilitation
  • Short-term recovery

Policies may also cover costs for partial and permanent disability. Most illnesses and injuries from accidents are covered by disability insurance.

Discussing your insurance choices with your financial professional will help you develop a more secure and comfortable future.

Jason can help you work your way through these questions. We will help you resolve challenges, such as generating financial estimates for your beneficiaries to maintain their lifestyles in your absence.

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